No matter how we try to be cautious, we can never be certain of our safety on the road. Hence, as a vehicle owner, it pays to be always ready and wary to avoid further damages when road emergencies or accidents happen.

Irvington Tow Truck is a reliable towing and road assistance company that is 24/7 ready to respond to your road emergency situation whenever the  need arises. It is our guarantee to get to your location the quickest time possible and render the services you need at their optimum.

However, as our teams are not able to be at your location in just a snap, we recognize that there is a potential danger in waiting for us. More often than not, drivers turn their hazard lights on, step out of their car to figure out what is wrong with their vehicle, and call help once initial assessment has been made. During such an unfortunate situation, staying on the roadside; more so, going in our outside of your busted vehicle as you wait for your towing assistance to arrive is extremely dangerous.

Because your safety is our topmost concern, Irvington Tow truck presents to you these points and steps to remember while waiting for your tow truck to arrive.

Have a car breakdown or flat tire? Is your engine malfunctioning it left you stuck on the road? Follow these steps to be safe while you wait for your tow truck:

1. If you have a company, move your vehicle to the roadside or emergency lane with their manual assistance to keep you and your property away from traffic and potential accidents. On the other hand, if you are alone and unable to get your car to a safe area, just turn the hazard lights on, get the most important things you don’t want left in your car and immediately vacate your vehicle.

2. Call Irvington Tow Truck’s hotline right away for roadside assistance and towing services.

3. Grab your warning triangles from the trunk of your car and put them on sides facing oncoming traffic so that your vehicle is easy to spot.

4. Stay in a safe shed or area while you wait for your tow truck to arrive.

But if you think staying inside your car is a safer move to make then make sure you lock your doors while you are inside and just open the window a little enough for you to talk with people from outside.

Be prepared for the perils of the road with this tips:

1. Secure a flashlight and store it somewhere accessible inside your vehicle at all times. During these tough times, you need to be visible.  

2. Have your cellular phone within reach at all times. (But never use your phone while driving. Once you do it, you know what you’re in for!)

3. Prepare a storage for change inside your car. It can serve as an instant access to cab fare and emergency prepaid calls.

4. If your vehicle is in trouble, regardless if it is engine related or not, raising its hood automatically conveys a message that your vehicle is stuck and busted. It can serve the triangle flares’ purpose in case you forgot to bring the latter.