Aspects of a Good Tow Truck Driver



Vehicles are one of the common mediums to maintain comfort and convenience as people try to get through a busy working day. However, people have to note that these are only man-made machines. As is such require proper maintenance, as they may encounter mechanical issues hindering their mobility. Aside from that, it is a sad fact that accidents can happen anywhere any time of the day no matter how we rigorously try to avoid them. As this is something that is out of our control, it pays to be always prepared and have a reliable 24-hour towing company nearby to call for help.

A good tow company is usually equipped with the best, top of the line tools and machines to serve its purpose. But in order to make the most of this equipment, having adept tow truck drivers and operators is just as necessary. More so, a tow company is only worth considering if it has a tow truck driver with good driving qualities and a legible driving style.



Nowadays, finding a good tow truck driver is no longer an easy task. Basically, you are eyeing on the right towing company in Irvington if its driver has majority, if not all, of these qualities:

1. Adept in Driving. Tow Trucks are not the same as sedans or SUVs that are easy to maneuver. They require not just an average driver but a highly skilled one to function well. Normally, a tow truck driver has to pass a series of tests and licensing programs to gain their eligibility. These, along with training certificates, are a good gauge to know that the driver is fit to the position.

Go for a tow company with defensive drivers. Through this, you will be able to enjoy more benefits out of the service you have paid for. With a defensive driver, the chances of accidents and other road troubles are lessened.

2. Has Mechanical Skills – A good tow truck driver is not only good at driving but also at handling mechanical problems. As towing companies are built to respond to road emergencies at all times, the driver should be able to handle not just towing but also work on basic mechanical repair should the need arise not just for other vehicles but also for the truck it is using. This quality is enormously helpful when there are minor glitches that need to be repaired to prevent worse situations.

3. Passionate and Patient – Go for a tow truck company with a passionate and patient driver. In a situation wherein the driver is to respond under pressure or distractions, these traits are actually a big plus in order for him to carry out the job smoothly and efficiently. That being said, do not go for an Irvington tow company whose driver’s rush to beat the next red traffic light. Remember, they are to keep your safety and not the other way around.

4. Has a Sense of Responsibility – A good tow truck driver is always grounded and guided in performing his job because he knows that it is his responsibility to ensure that the vehicle it is towing reaches its destination without causing further damage to it. He knows that the job is not just about driving but helping in securing people and their properties that had been stuck on the road.

5. Adaptive to Technology – In order to maximize the potential not just of latest tools and equipment but also of top of the line tow trucks, a good tow operator should be willing to adapt to the advancement of technology like using the map and navigation systems. This is especially helpful during times where the response team needs to locate a remote or uncommon place.

We are an Irvington Towing Company who acknowledge that drivers play a big role in ensuring a safer working environment. They are the life of our mission. With Irvington Tow Truck, you can be sure that you are dealing with the best tow truck drivers because you and your property’s safety is our topmost concern.