We can never be sure enough that our defensive driving skills will suffice. Road mishaps and misfortunes can still take place no matter how hard we try to avoid them. Worse, even a problem as petty as getting accidentally locked out or running out of gas can take place at a time and place so dreaded and unexpected. This is why it is important to have an Irvington towing service provider that you can call and count on at all times.

Most, if not all, of the NJ-based companies market themselves to be the best tow truck company. However, only a few are committed to fulfilling the ultimate role of a reliable local tow truck service provider that can provide a fast and efficient service to its customers in times of emergency.

Just because an Irvington tow company offers cheap tow truck service rates, it does not mean it is automatically worth trusting and hiring. As in roadside recovery emergencies, time is of the essence when it comes to rescuing. Keep in mind these important factors and qualities to ensure that you’re calling the right Irvington Tow Service provider:

     1. The range of services that the tow truck service company provides

The downside of trusting the wrong company is that it might not always be able to cater to your roadside needs. Thus, when looking for a tow service nearby to hire, as a general rule, the wider the range of services the company provides, the better. This is what sets a truly reliable Irvington tow company like Olympic Auto Recovery apart from the others. From motorcycle tow truck services to forklifts up to trucks and cars, they offer prompt and quality roadside assistance and flatbed services. Saving their hotline will come in hand in case you got caught in a road misfortune.

     2. Customer Reviews 

There are a lot of online reviews that you can check on in order to judge the effectiveness of the services provided by a tow truck company. But of course, when you read these reviews, you should do it with an open mind, and refrain from being blinded.

Read reviews as much as you can, and see to it that you also look into the minute details of such reviews, including the level of detail that the description has. This will allow you to get a better grip on knowing how reliable your prospective tow truck service company is.

     3. Quality Services with Affordability

When hiring a tow company in Irvington, NJ, being offered premium quality services isn’t the only thing that matters. If you want to get the best value of your hard-earned money, it also pays to entrust the job to a company that offers an affordable and/or fair price range. Research ahead so you won’t end up settling for less

     4. Promptness and Reliability

A good tow truck service provider is always prompt, i.e. can respond in 35 minutes or less. With fast arrival, this should not mean that services will be less as well. The right company must also value your time and provide you the best services at the same time.

     5. Availability and Accessibility

Because there are a lot of uncertainties when driving, your prospective tow truck service provider must be 24/7 available in offering roadside assistance and towing services.

Also, it would be useless to have a towing company that puts you through a long queue before you get responded. Find a company that knows the perils you could be facing and makes sure that you get the quickest response.

     6. Flexible Payment Options

In this digital age, more people are into cashless transactions. With this, it would be very convenient transacting with a tow company that easily accommodates and offers flexible payment options, i.e. accepts cash, debit or credit cards, and even payments via CashApp/Venmo. Although this may initially appear like a less priority, if you can find a reliable Olympic Auto Recovery that also offers this, there is nothing wrong with grabbing the opportunity.

Don’t Entrust Your Vehicle with Just Anyone; Hire only the Best Irvington Towing Company There is

Here at Olympic Auto Recovery, we offer the fastest and most affordable towing service in and around Irvington, New Jersey. We have been and we continue striving to remain as the people’s first choice when it comes to providing towing and roadside services.

Aside from investing in cutting-edge equipment and heavy-duty tow trucks, we also have a team of expert professionals that are seasoned and experts at carrying out services with premium quality like lockout assistance, flatbed transportation, and many more. Give us a call today so we can discuss all your towing needs.