One can hardly find a person that does not love or is not excited about the holiday season; everyone is thrilled for it. Thanksgiving and Christmas particularly are joyously celebrated all throughout America. During these much awaited times, one can easily find something gallivanting about the streets, the malls, the parks, and just about anywhere. To a lot of people, holidays are a time for shopping, a great opportunity for winter activities, and a time to make lovely memories while to others, it is a perfect time between a vacation and another vacation.

Cars are an important medium to get all holiday plans done. Long car trips are usually present during such times. In most cases, cars make up the bustling streets and add up to the beautiful city lights. However, they are usually least attended to during holidays.

Of course nobody wants to get stuck on the road because of a car breakdown or engine malfunction. That is why proper maintenance and regular checkups are needed. Irvington Tow Truck is 24/7 on standby; we are ready to respond to all road emergency needs and can offer premium road assistance and tow truck service nearby even on Christmas Eve.  Unless you are okay that your much awaited holiday trip gets spoiled, you have to be sure that your vehicle is properly maintained to travel for long miles.  

Make sure your holiday travels are all smooth and safe. Ready your car for any holiday trips by running through this checklist:

·        Check your fuel supply. If you are to travel for long-distance, make sure you have more than a sufficient gas supply. Moreover, considering the climate and road conditions of your route is also advisable, especially during the holidays.

As Christmas and Thanksgiving seasons are usually cold, it usually makes the fuel hard to keep warm. Consequently, cold fuel makes engines difficult to start (even more so, combined with a dying battery). When this happens, the best thing to do is grab some fuel de-icer and keep it in your car at all times. Fuel de-icers are an effective tool for prevention; it will help you avoid having a frozen fuel. However, it will not do much if your fuel is already frozen.

If you’re driving long distance and don’t have a full tank, then you may risk running out of gas. We see this happening to a lot of out-of-towners.  If you’ve run out of gas, then we do offer flatbed towing.

·        Double check your windshield wipers. Before your travel date, do your share of weather forecast research and see if it is likely going to snow on that day. If yes, on top of your snow tires, make sure your windshield wipers are well conditioned and prepared. Go for the ones with rubber-clad or winter wiper blades. They are likely to assist you more, helping you keep your focus on the road.

·        Double check your lights. This holiday season is usually cold. You will not want to travel at night but just in case your long travel reaches the dark hours, make sure your lights are working properly. Lights are required in every car by the law for a reason. Your head lights, tail lights, hazard lights play their respective important role to make sure you get a safe trip as much as possible.

Feel safe and secured on your travel knowing that you are not alone just in case the odd decides to go against your favour. With Irvington Tow Truck, wherever you may be in Irvington, NJ and its nearby areas, you can be sure that you are never alone. You may have searched for “tow truck near me” and found Irvington Tow Truck; apparently, records do not lie. With just a few rings, Irvington’s adept technicians and skilled workers will respond to your destination no matter how inconvenient your situation is. When troubles arise, do not hesitate to call Irvington Tow Truck for premier road assistance and towing services. Ring us at 973-520-0110!