Though general car safety has increased, drivers’ recklessness and neglect of traffic code maintain a high record of accidents on the road. Unfortunately, motorcycles account for a significant percentage of these accidents. Data shows that the frequency of motorcycle-related road cases has exceeded that of four-wheeled vehicles; with 60 of every 100,000 motorcycles experiencing accidents or motorcycle breakdowns.

When your motorcycle is involved in an accident, chances are traffic enforcement will not let it out of the road until their business is done; but what happens after? What happens if your motorcycle malfunctions in the middle of a trip, in a remote location, and you are not equipped with the tools to carry out a repair? For these untimely incidents, knowing a motorcycle towing company you can call and rely on 24/7 is extremely important. With all the potential perils on the road, neglecting this fact puts your safety and security at risk.

Be prepared at all times by avoiding the need for a motorcycle long distance tow. To do so, remember the following essential aspects as often as possible:

Before you even drive your motorcycle, you have to make sure the entire motorcycle, especially its essential parts, is checked. This includes:
·         If the brakes are working
·         If the tires are properly attached
·         If there are enough fluid levels
·         If the sound of the engine implies that it’s in great condition
A quick inspection will do to make sure there are no signs of hazards or irregularities before you join the busy road. Make sure to book an appointment with your motorcycle road assistance and towing company right away should there be an issue. Olympic Auto Recovery will immediately schedule a visit at your location to pick up your motorcycle or repair it on-site if possible.

A flat tire is a safety hazard. Make sure your tires have the right pressure; too high or too low is dangerous.

If your tires are flat or worn out and you do not have a spare tire and repair kit at home or on the road, do not hesitate to call a tow truck nearby for a quick response. In a matter of minutes, your problem will be addressed.

Googling for “cheap tow companies near me” will help address your towing needs and the other issues of your motorcycle, but relying on them at all times comes at a hefty cost. As a driver, you should be able to perform an initial repair, your motorcycle manual will help you with it. This manual will give you a guide about maintaining your motorcycle’s brakes, oil levels, and battery life.

If you are residing in or around Irvington, New Jersey area, you can easily give Olympic Auto Recovery a call. With only a few rings and quick interview, a reliable, quality, but affordable response to your motorcycle towing needs will definitely be on the way. We’re trusted in this industry for a reason. Call us today!