According to statistics, there are nearly 1.6 million crashes every year as a result of distracted driving. There are numerous distractions while driving, from busy streets to the ringing of your phone, so it is important to devote your full attention to the task. Take note of these roadside assistance tips from Olympic Auto Recovery Company to help you stay safe. 

Essential Roadside Assistance Tips

Once inside your vehicle, either alone or with others, there are a variety of things that you do every day that may be in violation of traffic rules and regulations. These seemingly minor things play an important role in avoiding a lawful fine or roadside emergency. 

Pull over to the side of the road if you need to answer calls, eat, or drink.
One of the most common traffic violations is holding any digital device, eating, or even drinking from a bottle while driving. Such activities are considered to be interruptions and, as a result, shift the driver’s attention from the road. This may cause slower reaction times that could lead to a crash or other accident. 

Both hands must stay on the steering wheel.
It is crucial that both hands remain on the steering wheel in accordance with current driving regulations, with the exclusion of switching gears.

Check basic requirements before driving.
Any person that drives a vehicle must guarantee that they have:

Fully operational lights, reflectors, fenders, windscreens, and mirrors
Ample fuel and lubricants
Tires and exhaust mufflers in excellent condition

Call for the best tow truck service company in town. 
You never know what might happen. Even if you follow all of these tips, you may still encounter trouble on the road. If so, it is important to call for the best roadside assistance after pulling over to the side of the road, turning on hazard lights, and remaining calm. Be sure to stay inside the vehicle while you wait for the tow truck services to arrive. 

These roadside assistance tips promote safe driving and aim to reduce the dangers of roadside hazards. If you happen to encounter the worst-case scenario, choose Olympic Auto Recovery Company to get the best, fastest, and most reliable professional towing services in the area. Visit for more information or call today at 973-313-5453