Forklift Towing

Forklift Towing

Transporting machinery from one place to another is such a risky task. If done carelessly or with the wrong type of tow truck, minor to major damages such as scratches in the paint or dents might occur. And things can get riskier and harder with towing expensive forklifts.

Also known as a lift truck, a forklift is a powered truck commonly used in warehouses and industrial plants to move materials such as supplies to either short distances or up and down elevated shelving. If for some reason, you want your forklift transported to another warehouse location, do not hesitate giving us a call at Olympic Auto Recovery​. We tow lift trucks at a more affordable rate than what most local hauling companies charge.

Over the years, we at Olympic Auto Recovery have transported a lot of forklift vehicles successfully using our top of the line flatbed tow trucks. Our  forklift towing services are made even safer and more secure using additional harnesses. With us, your lift truck will be delivered to your desired destination undamaged.

Here at Olympic Auto Recovery​, we are a team of experienced technicians and tow truck operators who are highly trained in towing all types of vehicles with the safest protocols in place. That is why more and more people in and around Irvington, New Jersey have continuously entrusted their towing needs to us. Give us a call! A tow truck company that can take care of your warehouse equipment transporting needs is finally within reach. 

We are the leading Irvington, NJ towing and roadside assistance service company. Call us today; you will be thankful you did.