The process of towing requires precise and coordinated teamwork. From the towing staff to the gears and equipment utilized, everything must be in sync. Tow trucks are the backbone of this sort of operation and there are many different types of vehicles designed to do the job, each used for specific situations. With different sets of benefits to ensure client satisfaction, the best thing you can do is find the truck that is right for your particular needs. Listed below are the various kinds of tow trucks, their features, and their situational benefits. 

The different types of tow trucks and what services they are used for:

      1. Wheel-Lift  Although similar to hook and chain or sling tow trucks, these trucks use a metal yoke as a substitute for chains, which allows for better handling of the towed vehicle. The metal yoke curves under the rear of the truck and the hydraulic lift strings up the front or back of the vehicle, lifting the damaged car easily from the ground and pulling it away. These tow trucks are usually used to haul light vehicles rather than heavy ones. Here in Irvington, there are a lot of tow companies that offer this type of truck for towing and more. 

     2. Hook and Chain Nearly a twin of the wheel-lift truck, hook and chain trucks are known for their sling towers and are considered classic towing trucks. These are used to drag and tow all kinds of different cargo, which is why they are so widely used. However, because of the amount of pressure applied to towed vehicles by the mechanism, they are no longer the most common, especially due to the fact that the wrapped chain structure can result in damage or scratches. Today, these are only recommended for transporting a wrecked car to a mobile junkyard. 

      3. Flatbed In an area like Irving, New Jersey, flatbed tow trucks are one of the most popular trucks. They are incredibly helpful in terms of transporting vehicles, no matter the situation. The flatbed has a long, empty bed with a flat surface, allowing towing staff to simply drive your car up the ramp and be ready for transport. These trucks are easy to use and come highly recommended by most towing companies, and can even transport a variety of other vehicles like boats. 

     4. Integrated Integrated tow trucks are best suited for heavy-duty towing purposes, as they are specifically designed and developed for much harder tasks. Utilizing extra axles for added stability and an arm set tightly in the core of the truck, these can transport other rigs and even busses. So, if you need a heavy-duty vehicle for a big job, the integrated tow truck can help!


Vehicles break down and fail when you least expect them. But, when the time comes, you can contact the professionals at a towing service company to assist you. Be sure to choose a company that offers a wide range of trucks for any need, and provides you with quality service. If you are searching for the best towing service provider near you, check out Olympic Auto Recovery! With highly trained staff and state-of-the-art trucks suitable for any kind of misfortune on the road, Olympic Auto Recovery is the best in the area.

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